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Welcome to our website! You are now at the home page. There are four main tabs used to separate our parts within the company. All of the information for our app is on the App tab. The about tab contains all of the info about our team. The Q and A's are located on the bottom of the Media page.
For our whitepaper, mission statement, and more go to the quotApp" tab and it will be located on the bottom of

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the page. They all will be PDF's for your convience.

What is Responsible Design?

This year the RD2 course gave us the challenge to incorporate quotResponsible Design-Inspired by nature" in our application. We decided that Responsible design, in this case stand for a mutual relationship between the app design and the user, in terms of reliability and responsibility. As for quotInspired by nature" after a long process of consultation and brainstorming we decided that Human Nature would be our main inspiration.

Our App.

ConnGo is an unique app and its soul purpose is to help the user. We at 203Tree did not develop this app to profit or because we had to, we made it so that it will help everyone that is using this app. ConnGo is made to be a simple, clean, and fast app so that the user can navigate through it with ease, even in the most perilous of times. At 203Tree we have put countless hours into making this app flawless and secure. From the possibe miss use of the app to the log-in; we have thought of virtually everything, Now, all of the users will have a safe and easy time acessing and using this app. Also, ConnGo is a multiplatform application on both the Android and IOS marketplacesso that even more people can use. Read more.

Tons of Awesome Field Trips!

This year we have had the great opportunity to work and gain knowledge and experience from the visits we made in different places. The two visits to the International Business Machines Center were very beneficial for our app making process. In addition to that we also attended the TED youth conference in New York, were presentations from famous names like Maurice Ashley and Gaurav Tekriwal fascinated and inspired us.

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